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Cruz Control

October 1, 2013

Cruz Control

He entered the Senate demanding the stage

And took it by staging an ongoing rage

The Democrats snickered as he had his say

Republicans bickered but gave him his way

The Tea Party darling, he talked through the night

Extolling the blessings of Texas’ Far Right

He wanted Obamacare turned into spam

And made his case—strangely—with Green Eggs and Ham

The government shutdown was mostly his making

Though members of Congress are surely not aching

Now we have to put up with his vitriol

“Til his colleagues learn how to use Cruz control

Gwen Gibson

From → humor

  1. Al Spivak permalink



  2. Gwen,
    Thank you for cutting through all the right-wing rhetoric with your straight-forward humor. As your friend Liz Carpenter used to say, “See the humor in the situation.”

  3. Jo M permalink

    Love it, Gwen.

  4. Jo Virgil permalink

    Gwen – thank you, thank you, for a good chuckle today with your “Cruz Control” posting in your blog. You made me laugh out loud, and, in the context of today’s politics, that is QUITE an accomplishment!

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