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Winsome Wendy

April 15, 2014


Millions of women have varied their ages

For various reasons at various stages

And most of us from every gender and race

Have beefed up our resumes in the right place

But when these old tools were used by Wendy Davis

Republicans dissed her like Hertz disses Avis

While Democrats thought her offense was so thin some

Suggested it made Wendy even more winsome

We think she could give Texas its finest hour

But helping us Democrats regain our power

This could be done if we called out the rolls

Got off our asses, got to the polls

And broadcast the issues we stand by forthrightly

And gently enhanced our curriculum vitae

Gwen Gibson

From → humor

  1. Anonymous permalink

    This is great, Gwen. I am sharing. Love -Jo

  2. Alvin Spivak permalink


    As an occasional dabbler in doggerel, I enjoyed “Winsome Wendy” and envy your line “dissed her like Hertz disses Avis,” as well as your rhyming of “curriculum vitae” with “stand by forthrightly.” I checked the dictionary and yes, “vitae” is a suitable even if not entirely exact rhyme for “rightly”. More important, you made sense — poetically.

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