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Running Amok

July 15, 2015

It’s a most unusual race

With candidates running apace

And like others I cringe

At the lunatic fringe

That’s competing in this dreary chase

We have Christy and Jeb Bush and Walker and Huckabee

And others with names that escape me—luckily

Two dozen names are too much to remember

And we’ll have more candidates by November

I’m sure what they’ll wonder as they hit the stump is

How in the hell are we going to Trump this.


From → humor

  1. Alvin Spivak permalink


    Your “Running Amok” lyric is excellent, though I couldn’t recall the tune for the second half of it. It is not easy to rhyme “Huckabee” but “luckily” did it . . . almost.

    Sorry I haven’t gotten to chapter nine, as I intended. I’ve been otherwise occupied since Sunday at 2:00 A.M. when we had to call 911 — again — for an ambulance to take Martha to the hospital. She was having great difficulty breathing, and we couldn’t get the oxygen machine that’s been here since her last episode to put out enough air to help her.

    To cut the story short, the diagnosis was a heart attack, accompanied by a recurrence of the congestive heart failure that put her in the hospital two months ago. That time she also had a small clot in her lung, plus pneumonia. This time, she didn’t have those two. But she was at a point while gasping for breath in the ER she whispered “I’m going to die” — upon which I told her she couldn’t because she’d left dishes in the sink that needed washing. She wasn’t amused, and the nurse wondered what kind of nut I was.

    Meantime, the ER staff reacted within a minute or two to pump up her oxygen and bring in a SUPER-oxgen machine with a huge mask to put over her face, upon which she whispered to me, “I’m in Heaven”. She was breathing normally for the first time in hours. At almost 7 A.M. Martha was admitted to a room in the cardiac unit of the hospital to continue immediate treatment that consisted of IV injection of a diuretic to remove the fluid that had accumulated around the heart/lung area and created pressure that inhibited breathing — a classic symptom of congestive heart failure.

    Within a few hours Martha, though weak, was feeling much better. Within a day (Monday) even better and progressing steadily so that we expect her to return home tomorrow (Thursday). This is only half the hospital stay she needed two months ago, and hopefully the doctors now know what they have to do — specifically medication — to keep her okay. Today when I visited her she was in as chair, watching TV or reading, and feeling much better.

    Despite the length of the above, I left out a big bunch of details that you don’t need.

    Did you watch Obama’s press conference on the Iran nuclear issue today? I thought he did quite well, as did most — but not all of the newspeople. Standards and talent obviously have declined since our time.

    I hope Eileen has improved since her unfortunate encounter with a patient. Working in the mental health area can be a bit risky from time to time. There should have been one or two male orderlies nearby on a just-in-case basis.

    I meant to call you tonight rather than put all this into an email — but I lost your phone number. I have your cell phone number if it still starts with a 703 area code, but there was no answer. Please let me know what your home number is.



    • Gwen Gibson permalink

      Hi Al, That is grim news about Martha.  I am so sorry she had to go through such agony again (and, of course, I sympathize with you, too).  I see in your message that you will bring her home today.  I know you both are happy about that.  Surely Martha’s doctors have her medication adjusted now so that she will never have another attack.   About my silly poem.  I wrote it because I couldn’t get in the mood to start chapter 10.  I  didn’t have a song in mind.  But now that you mention it, I was probably thinking of “It’s a Most Unusual Day…”   But in the second “verse” I wasn’t thinking of anything but gibberish. Eileen is better, thanks.  And there Are big male orderlies working with her.  One pulled the out-of-control patient off of her in a New York minute.  Here are my telephones.  Note:   I haven’t used a 703 area code in years.  My current cell phone is:  512-769-1255.  My home phone is 512-358-6911.   Give Martha my love and very best wishes.  And take care of yourself.  There’s no reason you cannot relax by kicking your feet and arms in the pool.  (Okay. I will not mention this again!!! )  GG   

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